Thursday, 9 October 2014

Freak Laboratory mineral foundation*…

freak laboratory mineral foundationfreak laboratory mineral foundation 1freak laboratory mineral foundation2
WHAT FREAK LABORATORY SAY: ‘’This foundation best suits normal skin; skin that is not excessively oily or overly dry. It should be applied with a kabuki brush, in circular motions.It’s free from parabens + bismuth oxychloride, and the use of titanium dioxide in this foundation means some SPF is provided.’’
Packaging:First of all, I want to say how amazing I think the packaging is. Like most people, I am often drawn to products with great packaging & Freak Laboratory ticks all the right boxes: sleek, durable, not overly fussy & a down right fab logo!

Ever since my massive acne breakout in 2009 (& I mean massive, This is not just a few dimples I’m talking about here, my face literally looked like someone had thrown boiling water on me. It was that bad. I couldn’t wear anything on my face at all & it was very painful. I’ll not go into the deets but it was a pretty low time for me.) Trips to the docters were never vey successful & I obviously wanted something to cover the molten lava lumps acne on my face so I turned to Bare Minerals. I tell you now, it worked WONDERS & I have been a lover of mineral make-up ever since. However I’m not so in love with the hefty BM price tag. £25 a pot, to me is pretty expensive so when I saw that Freak Laboratory foundations retail at just £10 for basically the same product in the same sized pot I was super impressed! Not only that but Freak Laboratory offer a wider range of colours, so you can really find the perfect shade for your skin & even better news… they also offer small samples of foundations for only £1 per sachet so you can match your colouring up perfectly before going all out & spending your hard earned money on a full sized pot.

You can apply the foundation with either a kabuki or foundation brush, depending on the finish you want. I have been applying mine with the kabuki brush FL kindly sent me (pictured) & I also tried applying it with the infamous elf powder brush & found that that works pretty well too! The foundation feels really light on the skin, it feels like my skin can breathe which is always good!

I would definitely recommend this foundation if you don’t like the feeling of heavy makeup but still want a full coverage. I would also recommend mineral foundations to anyone having problems with their skin, like I said, it worked wonders for me & with Freak Laboratory, the colour range is vast so you are bound to find one which is your perfect match while not being too harsh on your skin whilst not breaking the bank.

WHAT DO YOU THINK: Have you ever tried anything from Freak Laboratory? Have you ever tried any mineral make-up? What did you think of it?


Saturday, 6 September 2014

Oh, hi

Oh hello! So I know I haven't blogged in a while, & I really do think that sucks but hey ho, life happens & series you have to put certain things aside.

I haven't completely fallen off the face of the Internet though, I am pretty active on my Instagram & twitter (@effiesmakeupbox)

This blog post is most likely to look a mess cos I am uploading it via the blogger app (& we all know how shit that is) anywho, I am going to start posting in here again, I miss it.

Hope you guys are good? 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Heads in the clouds but my gravity’s centred…

photo 2 (1)photo 1 (2)photo 3 (1)photo 4
Floral Chiffon Peplum Top*: Lashes Of London
Mom jeans: River Island

Oh hello outdoor photos! The weather is finally picking up a little, eigh? Well at least it did for a couple of days here in the north, damn northern windy, wet, snowy, weather (‘:

Lashes Of London kindly sent me this floaty, girly number & isn’t it fab? Can’t beat a bit of floral eigh? Anyway, you can visit Lashes of London here>>link What are your favourite pieces from their new collection? :)

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Like, totally buggin’…

All clothing: COW Vintage
Platform trainers*: Cute to the core

Another (& probably my favourite) set of images from my shoot with COW Vintage. Gosh, I’m really dragging these out, aren’t I? (‘: Ahh well, I thought you all might appreciate the dino goodness that Helen brought for me to dance around with in the studio! I’m trying my best to organise myself blog wise so hopefully you will see a few more outfit/general posts over the next few weeks, yay! Anyway, enjoy the pictures!